Chapter 2 Sneak Peek #50: Equipment Enhancement

Hello and welcome to another sneak peek for Alchemica: Chapter 2!

In this 50th sneak peek post, we will show you guys all about equipment enhancement.

People who played Chapter 1 might recall that they can craft or obtain Pyre Stone from dungeons, and in turn craft a Lesser Fire Ring for her to wear. In Chapter 2 this option will be greatly expanded. Charlotte can discover and obtain recipes to craft different elemental stones, and also a way to increase their quality.

Evolution of elemental stones

In turn, these stones can be used to craft special elemental equipment. The better the quality of the elemental stone is, the greater the elemental affinity she can place on that equipment.


Imbued accessories and their stages (WIP)

 If you recall our second sneak peek here, stacking elemental affinities will be another way in Chapter 2 to mitigate damage and augment attack during battles. It might be a hard task to craft and learn the best elemental equipment, but the gain will be significant when dealing with tough battles.

On another note, we also have some new gemstones!

That is it for this week, see you next time!

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