Chapter 2 Sneak Peek #64: Named NPC, Part 1

Hello and welcome to another sneak peek about Alchemica - Chapter 2.

Today we will start introducing to you guys new named NPCs that will be introduced to the game. In this post you will meet two of them: Tristan and his wife, Annabelle

If you played the game you will get a hint that he got married recently, and both of them are having a trip during the start of the story.  Once the update released, this lovely couple will return to town after a certain point of the game.

Tristan is Farrowveil's local woodcutter, and he has some skills as a carpenter. With his help, you will be able to make improvement on Charlotte's store, and more. In exchange of a certain amount of gold and differing materials, you will be able to add display stands, craft new type of display stands, and expand your storage chest capacity. 

Tristan's wife, Annabelle, is a frail woman which is also an excellent seamstress. Just like with Tristan, she will help Charlotte  craft new decorations for your store. 

These improvements cannot be crafted as soon as you meet them, as you might need to progress the story and complete some side quests in order to obtain blueprints for Tristan or his wife to use.  Look forward for Chapter 2 release so you can look for these new items!

We will be spilling more info about new NPCs in the next sneak peek.

That is it for today, see you next time!

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