Chapter 2 Sneak Peek #1: Changes to Merchants Guild Quests

Chapter 2 will bring a lot of new contents and updates to Alchemica. In this devlog post we will give to you a little sneak peek to one updated aspect of the game: Merchant Guild Inquiries.

In Chapter 1, players can already select and accept quests from the Merchants Guild's request board. These quests are randomly generated and consist of a variety of tasks: from finding someone in town, collect a number of item for the Guild, to defeating a certain number of monsters. Some can be rewarding, while others can be ignored until the board is refreshed after a certain in-game time.

Chapter 2 update will bring new types of tasks for Charlotte to perform. A requester can now ask to sell a certain number of items, expecting a minimum amount of gold in return. 

To complete said quests, she must successfully sell all of those specially marked items on her store, and then proceed to deposit the requested gold coins back to the client through the Guild, all the while gaining profit (or take a loss) from the difference. Alchemica is part store management after all, so what is more fitting than having a quest about selling items?

Another change for the Guild Inquiry is how they are now tied to the store popularity meter. Cancelling any request will reduce the popularity meter, while successfully completing one will raise a portion of the bar. If the store popularity drops too low, Charlotte will be unable to take any new request from the board.

That is all for now on our sneak peek on Chapter 2. What do you think about the new changes? Feel free to submit ideas and suggestions to us, we will be very happy to hear any feedback from you. Until next time :)


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